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Benefits - AquaBlanket Liquid Pool Cover

Using AquaBlanket liquid pool cover provides the following benefits:-

  • By reducing evaporation AquaBlanket reduces heat loss from pools
  • On indoor pools, a reduction in evaporation also reduces dehumidification running costs
  • Costs around 50-60% less to use than other liquid pool cover products
  • Reduces heat loss from the pool
  • Reduces evaporation from the pool
  • AquaBlanket can be added to the pool on a weekly basis for domestic pools compared with daily dosing for other liquid pool covers, resulting in lower running costs for AquaBlanket
  • Reduces the humidity of the air in indoor pools, reducing the cost of dehumidifying the air
  • No need to remove and replace the pool cover when swimming
  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • Removes the need for rollers around the pool, purchase cost of rollers is removed.
  • No need to clean the pool cover unlike with a physical pool cover
  • Optional automatic dosing system allows correct concentration of AquaBlanket to be maintained
  • Reduces pool water loss
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor pools
  • Suitable for natural pools (safe to plants)
  • Suitable for infinity type pools
  • Suitable for salt based pools
  • Suitable for hot-tubs (which normally have higher water temperatures than swimming pools)
  • Independently tested for safety (AquaBlanket is NSF certified and has a full MSDS data sheet - see the Documents page)
  • Biodegradable and non-hazardous
  • Does not contain any alcohol
  • Patented polymer based formula
  • Safe to skin and eyes
  • Non-flammable
  • PH Neutral
  • Ideal for non-rectangular pools which are not suitable for a physical pool cover
  • Can be used on commercial pools
  • AquaBlanket 's non-flammable formula reduces risk assessment levels for commercial pool plant rooms
  • AquaBlanket evaporates more slowly than other alchohol based liquid pool cover products, reducing waste and hazardous fumes
  • No minimum order quantity - order from 1 small bottle with free delivery !

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Pool Cover Liquid - Benefits - AquaBlanket Liquid Pool Cover