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Around 70% of the heat lost from a pool is from water evaporation.coverfree liquid pool cover logo

how pools lose heat


Therefore by reducing the amount of water that evaporates from the pool, the heat loss from the pool will also be greatly reduced.

When added to the pool water, the AquaBlanket liquid floats to the top and spreads out to form an invisible layer over the water surface.

The AquaBlanket layer then traps the water molecules beneath preventing them from evaporating into the air. Reducing the evaporation rate then reduces heat and water loss.

AquaBlanket uses a patented polymer blend which floats on the water surface when the water is calm.

As AquaBlanket is a unique polymer formula which does not contain any alcohol, it remains in the pool for longer. This allows AquaBlanket to be added to the pool on a weekly basis rather than on a daily basis.

The weekly dosing required by AquaBlanket reduces the amount of liquid pool cover required by around 65% lowering the cost of using AquaBlanket as your liquid pool cover.



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Pool Cover Liquid - How it Works - Liquid Pool Covers