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For indoor or outdoor pools with normal domestic use, AquaBlanket can be added on a weekly basis.

For commercial pools, we recommend daily dosing using the AquaBlanket automatic dosing pump

AquaBlanket can simply be poured from the bottle into the pool water. It will then automatically spread over the water surface.

The 0.9 litre AquaBlanket bottle contains a handy measuring scale to allow you to add the correct amount of AquaBlanket .

AquaBlanket Dosing Rate

AquaBlanket is applied at the rate of 4 US oz per 667 sqft of pool surface area once per week

In metric, this is 118ml per 62m2 of surface area once per week

or 1.9 ml per m2 of surface area per week

Please use our AquaBlanket calculator to work out the amount of AquaBlanket liquid required for your pool.

Commercial Pools

The recommended dosing for commercial pools is:-

  • Normal skimmer based commercial pools can use the standard dosing rate of 1.9 ml per m2 per week

  • Commercial deck level / gutter pools or skimmer based commercial pools with a high bather load should dose at the rate of 1.9ml per m2 twice per week

For best results on commercial pools, feed small amounts of AquaBlanket  into the pool multiple times per day using the automatic programmable dosing pump.

Automatic Dosing Pump

AquaBlanket liquid pool cover can be dosed either manually or automatically to the pool

An automatic dosing pump is available to automatically add the correct amount of AquaBlanket liquid to the pool.

For best results when using our automatic dosing pump add AquaBlanket on a daily basis

Our AquaBlanket dosing pump contains everthing required to automatically inject AquaBlanket in a pool pipe

The dosing pump can also be used for other automatic dosing applications and to dose other chemicals

The pump is fully programmable to inject the correct amount of AquaBlanket for your pool


Automatic dosing pump


AquaBlanket Automatic Dosing Pump Features

Our AquaBlanket automatic dosing pump has the following features:-

  • Mains operated 240v - connect to a fused spur or plug
  • Fully programmable
  • Date and time
  • Up to 32 different doses per day
  • Each dose can have the same or different amounts
  • Pre-calibrated to dose in ml 
  • Backup battery (included) to retain programme on power failure for up to 40 hours
  • Digital display
  • Easy to operate and programme
  • Peristaltic dosing pump
  • Replacement pump head and peristaltic tube available
  • Dosing rate 42 ml/min or 2.5 litres per hour
  • IP55 rated casing
  • Back lit digital display
  • Keypad can be locked if required to prevent tampering with the settings
  • Dimensions 100mm wide x 137mm high x 119mm deep (including pump head)
  • Can be used to dose other liquids eg Heatsavr, Floc etc

Dosing Pump Kit Contents

Our dosing pump kit contains:-

  • Dosing pump with
  • Mains power lead (mains plug not included)
  • 5 metres of 5mm suction tubing
  • 5 meters of 4mm discharge tubing
  • Tube stiffener
  • Inlet filter/strainer
  • Injection valve (3/8" thread) - also acts as one-way valve
  • Compression fitting and nut for 4mm discharge tube
  • Backup battery
  • Case lid screws
  • 2 x wall plugs and mounting screws

Automatic dosing pump

Backup battery, inlet filter/strainer, case screws and mounting screws

Automatic dosing pump

5m of suction and discharge tubing included, photo shows chemical injector



Automatic dosing pump dimensions

Product Literature

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